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Document Management in Banking: A Acumen Data Document and Drawing Management White Paper

CPS Credit Union

Established in 1958, CPS Credit Union is a South Australian, member-owned financial organisation.

Today, it has nine Personal Financial Centres in metropolitan Adelaide, and one each in regional Port Augusta and Victor Harbor. Through these branches, CPS delivers a diverse range of savings, investment, loan, insurance, financial planning and taxation services to suit the needs of more than 92,000 members.


With a long history and a number of changes to the makeup of its membership, CPS had determined that considerable benefit would be gained by substantially enhancing the management of its member records. Many of these spanned a great number of years and were being held in several different forms.

With the number of records constantly increasing, CPS specifically sought to far more effectively update member files and data on a regular basis. This updating needed to span such things as information on new loans and investments by existing clients and details of new customers. It also had to ‘import' all relevant data from its financial management system, known a Phoenix, an ‘outsourced' IT application, operated by a third party, and which does not reside on CPS' own IT network.

At the same time, CPS also wanted its staff to be able to recover members' signature images across its branch network. The aim was to facilitate such online retrieval through Phoenix.


To meet their defined data transfer and signature image requirements, CPS selected the Dv TDM document management software solution.

Using Dv TDM – and via its web interface capabilities – scanned signature images can now be easily managed and readily transferred to branches whenever and wherever they are required.

Using an API (Application Program Interface) Dv TDM is now also helping streamline the two-way transfer of data between CPS' own internal IT network and the Phoenix system with maximum reliability and accuracy. Thus, data generated by Phoenix can be simply imported to keep member records totally up to date. In house generated member information (such as new members, new loans, new investments, and so on) can be automatically input into Phoenix, keeping it equally up to date.

A further key role for Dv TDM was the validation of long term historical member information to ensure the total accuracy of what was currently reflected in the Phoenix database. In doing this, Dv TDM used a complex CPS-defined algorithm to match original and now superseded member numbers – on archival records – with current membership numbers.

Finally, the Dv solution is also used to manage the efficient archival and rapid retrieval of member records for non-active accounts.


With the help of Dv TDM, CPS Credit Union has recorded the following benefits:

  • Member data can now be retrieved quickly through the branch network.
  • Any members missing or having old signature records can be quickly identified and corrected.
  • Data being viewed through Dv TDM's portal is very accurate due to the link with the Phoenix financial management system.
  • Members records can be easily archived and retrieved.
  • Signature verification is accurate and fast.
  • The Dv TDM audit trail improves security.
  • New member records can be scanned directly to Dv TDM to ensure accurate and up to date information.


Practical Programs CPS Credit Union

About Acumen Data

For close to a decade now, document and drawing management has been our business.

We've certainly come to intimately understand each and every problem that has to be addressed. And, even more importantly, we have developed an enviable reputation for delivering powerful, innovative and elegantly simple solutions to effectively meet all of those critical challenges.

Such solutions are now being used in some 31 countries, with private and public sector clients including:

  • ABN Amro
  • Hutchinson Telecom
  • GE
  • Philips TaTa
  • The United States, Australian and New Zealand Departments of Defence
  • ASC
  • Amtrak
  • Oxford University
  • Commonwealth Public Service Credit Union


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