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Dv TDM Features and Benefits

At Acumen Data, we make organisation of information easy

The following small sample of Dv TDM facilities and features provide an indication of what we can do for your organisation.

Seamless Integration

Gives you the ability to interact with all your existing applications.

Time tracking

Allows you to record the number of hours a file has been open in AutoCAD.

Version Control

Allows you to effectively control document revision processes so that your organisation’s agreed procedures are rigorously adhered to. Dv TDM allows you to modify a drawing while keeping a record of the previous versions. It can ensure earlier versions can not be modified. To ensure changes to reference files do not affect your version history it can convert the drawing to a vector based PDF or bind the reference files.

Knowledge Groups

Offers you the ability to group otherwise unrelated documents. If documents are deleted, added or modified Knowledge Group Team Members are automatically notified.

Legacy Documents

Facilitates the quick and accurate indexing of all your existing drawings into Dv TDM.

Risk Management

Ensures that you can confidently locate the correct drawing and lets you apply the levels of access control that you require.

Content Searching

You can search for text contained in any document even when this was not part of the original index.

Graphical Workflow

You can visually plan and implement the path a project takes by simply drawing lines. With Dv TDM doing the rest, workflow can be easily streamlined for greater efficiency.

File Structure Support

Arrange your files according to your existing file and directory structure. With Dv TDM can use your folder name and file attributes to populate the database.

Manage Reference Files

Cross checks your database to find all drawings that use the same reference files. With Dv TDM you can easily find which reference files are used by a particular drawing.


Automated watermarking can be an effective way of maintaining the security and integrity of your drawings.

Project Wizard

Create new projects quickly by populating predefined fields with information such as project name number, drawing number structure etc.


Enables you to make comments or markups on an image without effecting original drawings. This can be used as part of the quality checking procedure. You can also measure the drawing. You may also turn off layers or print only part of a drawing.

Web Interface

The ability to operate Dv TDM through your internet browser.


Drawing by drawing, you decide who is permitted access to view, edit and print.

Electronic Transmittal Engine

Create a transmittal document automatically.

ISO Compliance

Be confident in the knowledge that your Document Management software complies with the International Standards Organizations guidelines for document management.


Dv TDM views over two hundred formats. This allows you to see the drawings even though you may not have the native application.

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