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How DvScan will benefit you

At Acumen Data, we make organisation of information easy

The following small sample of Dv Scan facilities and features provide an indication of what we can do for your organisation.

Twain Compatible

Dv Scan is compatible with TWAIN scanners allowing you to use a very large range of scanners. With most scanners shipping with TWAIN drivers you should be able to use Dv Scan.

ISO Compliance

Produces the ISO standard PDF/A files. This creates an electronic file of archive quality.

Barcode Detection

The scanning process can detect the existence of a barcode and use the information to:

  • Rename the image based on the barcode name
  • Use the barcode as a page break to create a new document
  • Us the barcode details to populate the database

Smart scanning

Automatically rotates pages; detects and removes blank pages

Automated Quality Control

Displays the faintest or the darkest pages. This speeds up quality control and makes quality checks
easier and more accurate.

Hole punch repair

Detects and repairs hole punches reducing their file size and improving the read ability.

Multiple display

Dv Scan can display up to thirty-two images on the screen at one time

Document filters

Dv Scan allows you to filter through your scanned images. You can set the filter limits and the type of filtering. There is three of filtering.

Blank Pages

Dv Scan will display all the pages it considers are blank. You can then inspect them to ensure there are no false matches. For example the page may only contain a signature although you would not want it deleted by accident. The images are displayed eight at a time making the inspection very quick.

Large File Size Pages

A common scanning mistake is when the document is scanned on the wrong settings resulting in a dark image. This filter allows you to see all pages that are above the normal size. You can adjust the filter settings to suit the type of document. The images are displayed eight at a time making the inspection very quick. Once you find the page that has been poorly scanned you can click a button and go to the document were you are able to insert a replacement scan.

Small File Size Pages

Small page sizes are commonly due to a page getting cut off, or being scanned with a corner folder over or the settings are too faint. The images are displayed eight at a time making the inspection very quick. Once you have found the poor quality page at a click of a button you are back at the document and you are able to insert or rescan the offending page.

Digital Signatures

When scanning you can add digital signatures to the PDF images. This ensures the resulting images cannot be modified without detection. The security and authenticity of the document cannot be in doubt.

Searchable PDF Creation

Dv Scan can create text searchable PDF documents. The resulting documents can be searched and the matching word will be highlighted. You can also build indexes across documents dramatically speeding up the finding of documents

Clean Up

Your images can be automatically cleaned up during the scanning process. Examples of the clean up process include;

  • Aligning Images
  • Removing black borders created by a lot of scanners
  • De-speckling or the removal or dirt or noise
  • Rotation of the images or rotation of just the front or back pages

Direct Connect with the Dv Database

Dv Scan directly connects to Dv Office and Dv TDM. This allows the images to be transferred as part of the scanning process. This process can also include capturing flexible data such as the barcode details and placing them in the database. You can also include static information such as who did the scanning, the date of the scan and or the computer used for scanning. Fixed data can also be included for example the name of the project or words like pending so it can be easily found for more extensive data entry.

File Properties

You can include in the Tiff and PDF files the scanner operator’s name, the computer name, the time and date of the second scan, the batch name and or the project name. These properties can then be read at anytime for quality checks or to work out how long the batch took to scan.

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