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The benefits of using DvOffice

At Acumen Data, we make organisation of information easy

The following small sample of Dv Office facilities and features provide an indication of what we can do for your organisation.

Seamless Integration

Gives you the ability to interact with all your existing applications.

Version control

Allows you to effectively control document revision processes so that your organisation’s agreed
procedures are rigorously adhered to.

Knowledge Groups

Offers you the ability to group otherwise unrelated documents. If documents are deleted, added or
modified Knowledge Group Team Members are automatically notified.

Legacy Documents

Facilitates the quick and accurate indexing of all your existing documents into Dv Office.

Search and Retrieval

Dv Office’s intelligent Content Searching feature automatically indexes the entire contents of your documents making search and retrieval a breeze.

Graphical Workflow

You can visually plan and implement the path a project takes by simply drawing lines. With Dv Office
doing the rest, workflow can be easily streamlined for greater efficiency.

File structure support

Arrange your files according to your existing file and directory structure. With Dv Office you can use your
folder name and file attributes to populate the database.

Project Wizard

Create new projects quickly by populating predefined fields with information such as project name,
number, drawing number structure etc.

Stores Files in Native File Format

Dv Office document management software stores your documents without altering them in any way. Dv Office uses your current directory structure and keeps files in their native file format.

Web Interface

Access to information in your database through Dv Office’s fully functional web interface. You can also create a customized website portal for your employees, clients, suppliers, and other business partners. This combined with the advanced document security allows you to distribute information quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Import Utilities

Dv Office can import all of your data with all words indexed in one business day in most cases.

Updating information

Simply ‘drag and drop’ incoming electronic documents such as emails and Word files into Dv Office. The Dv Office database information is automatically populated and the document is stored in the appropriate directory.

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